About us

Citywide Flowershop is a “Family Owned Florist” that is a part of Absolutely Flowers Inc. Our beginnings go back modestly, to when the Jansich Family started a small company of greenhouses in the upper North East part of the country in the late 1800’s. Over the years, and through education and generations of family Citywide and Absolutely have become florists that are innovative and experts in floral design and the purveying of wonderful and exciting cut flowers from around the world. Throughout the years we have developed affiliations and formed networks with florists and floral companies all over the world. Today our main office is located in a suburb of Salt Lake City.  
Unlike many floral companies, we will not and do not place fake customer reviews on our site or on other internet sites in an effort to lure you to buy.  
Our commitment to quality and innovation gives us the opportunity to constantly deliver the finest and freshest flowers plants and gifts.

Citywide Flowershop Ph: 800-316- 1234